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No matter where you happen to be, we're always here for your home. 


Whether you prefer a weekly, biweekly or monthly check on your property, you can count on Coastline to ensure that your investment remains in safe and secure whenever you're away. We'll work with you to create a management schedule that provides you with peace of mind. Each time we visit your home, we complete a thorough checklist to confirm that everything is secure and in working order. Our team will work directly with your security company, providing immediate, around-the-clock response if your alarm is ever activated.


From Nor'Easters to blizzards to hurricanes, we're ready to protect your investment from New England's harsh weather. We'll take preventative steps such as boosting the heat before a cold snap, or securing outdoor furniture in advance of a high-wind event. In the wake of the storm,  we'll be onsite as soon as conditions allow to check your property's status and keep you informed. We can also recommend and initiate any needed repairs - from broken windows and downed tree limbs, to damaged roofing, flooding and beyond.


There's no better feeling than arriving at your Cape Cod home knowing the entire summer lies ahead of you. And we can make the start of your summer even better by handling seasonal hassles, such as water turn-ons, screen window and door installations, and outdoor furniture setup, ahead of your arrival. We can also assist with the closing of your property each fall, with services like storm door installation, HVAC checks and plumbing winterization.


Our clients know that Coastline is always a phone call away. Lost your keys at the beach? We'll zip right over to let you in. We'll extend our service to your guests by opening your home when they arrive for a visit and closing up when they depart. We can also accompany service professionals into your home to perform repairs, and check on things when the job is complete.


Choosing Coastline as your property manager means you won't have to worry about searching for help when a project pops up at your home. Our skilled, licensed team remains ready to quickly handle any size job that might arise, from installing a new lighting fixture, to replacing a drafty window, to constructing a brand new building on your property.

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